MATELYS - Acoustique & Vibrations

Matelys is an independent research laboratory dedicated to the study of porous materials in acoustics, thermodynamics, mechanics and flow.


We characterize acoustic and elastic parameters of porous materials.


We prescribe independently noise control solutions and assist you to build multi-functional specifications.


We lead R&D projects in acoustics, mechanics, thermodynamics or flow in porous media.


We build software products for characterization and modeling of the vibro-acoustic properties of multi-layer systems.


We digest fundamental research works and support you towards autonomy.

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New & Upcoming events:

François-Xavier Bécot and Fabien Chevillotte will attend the next Euronoise conference in Maastricht during May 31 to June 3.

Luc Jaouen is awaiting your contributions to the session "acoustical materials" for the next Congrès Français de Mécanique (Lyon, August 24-28) until May 30.

A new webinar on using AlphaCell for quick & accurate sound package design in Heavy Industry is available form Altair Partner Alliance website.

Matelys' methodology has been awarded twice since 2011:

SFA Industry 2012

Matelys has been awarded an Industry 2012 prize by the French Society of Acoustics (SFA).

Golden decibel Research 2011

Matelys has been awarded the Golden Decibel 2011 in the category Research by the French National Council for Noise (CNB).